Very Short overview on Football Pay Day.

Last 124 Days, since the New Season Started 135 Points PROFIT!!

As at 7th December, 2015

These days access to good Football Statistics software is as equally important as having access to bookies or Betfair to place your bets. 99% of the trading decisions are based on the statistics available for that match. Having access to correct statistics will make significant impact to your soccer betting career.

With this in mind, lot of bookmakers and Even Betfair, they also supply some bit of statistics on their websites when you place your bet. But do you think that they will provide you all needed data? Obviously not :-)

Football Pay Day Tutorial ( Runs 12 minutes)




So what to do Now?

Here we introduce to you a remarkable piece of software called FootballPayDay.  It will give you instant access to all stats data for all worldwide soccer matches that are available on Betfair for any given day.

In short, you will see close to 400 plus soccer matches on weekends in this software.

The other key feature of FootballPayDay is that it shows consolidated data. You will have option to use either 16 match or 50 match stats for any match. So, all data which you will see is based on consolidated last 16 or last 50 match. In short, you don’t need to do anything once you have access to software, you simply need to look at the data and decide your bet.
FootBallPayDay shows you 203 distinct parameters for any given match PLUS 91 Different Market Prices– so you can choose any parameter you would like to see.
294 valuable pieces of the Football Puzzle..

For example :-
If I am observing a match between Man U v Southampton which is 0-0 at HF, and I want to lay final score 0-0 correct score at Half time  , so I need to know  % goals both teams have scored in their last 50 matches between 46-90 minute timeframe…and this data is available in FootballPayDay.

You can’t find all such 203 parameters at a single click of the mouse anywhere else. Or see all the current market prices...

Also, the good thing is that you can download all such precious data in your excel sheet as well for your own calculations.
We have done all hard work for you so you can access to all key stats at the click.
Our team will daily compile the data and the statistics will be ready by 9am UK time daily.

Also, along with the statistics, we will also give you access to nine profitable winning systems for which tips will get updated daily into the software.  These are bonus tips for you - just make you enough money to keep your FootballPayDay Subscription almost free

Yes, all our 4 systems are very good.  You can look at the results below for each of these 4 systems and see how they have been performing since this July’14.

So, in this deal - you are getting access to our premium data consolidated statistics for all worldwide matches and access to our profitable soccer betting tips.  This deal is currently available at discounted monthly price, as we want our regular clients to lock in this price for life time. 

As soon as first 50 licences are gone, we will increase the price with no prior notification.

Few important points to remember :-

  • FootballPayDay provides you critical 294 data statistics (203 Stats, and 91 Prices) for each soccer match on Betfair each day.
  • All Data will be available daily by 9 am UK time.
  • All Data will be consolidated data – based on teams last 16 match or last 50 match performances ( depending on what you use)
  • You will also have access to our great winning tips – 4 system tips. Please remember system selections will be uploaded by 10 am UK time daily.
  • Current discounted price is available for first 50 clients only, so our regular customers can lock in this price for life time.

And finally, you will have access to download all critical statistics into excel for your future use.

Have a look on each of System performance below:-


System 1 Graph and Summary


System 2 Graph and Summary

System 3 Graph and Summary

System 4 Graph and Summary


Month By Month Summary.


Remember these System bets are what the software gives you, Regardless of the parameters you plug in!!!

So everyone will get these matches to bet on.


These system selections are excellent, especially if you are to busy to study the matches in detail on any given day.

As you can see the Return on Investment is excellent, and this is all done, all you do is place the bets.

Because you are getting these system bets with the FootballPayPay software, do under value the money value and returns they give you.


The main focus is that for the punter/trader would want an edge that is not available to everyone else, and this is the great value of the 294 parameters at your finger tips.

You can set the software to reflect the last 16 games, or last 50 games, so it is very powerful.

From there you set what parameters you think will be important for the games you are accessing, you can a look at the start of games, or any time during the game to see what stats will be most important.

Below is a list of all 294 stats available to you.


Here are the 294 Stats you can access from the software:

Prices That are Covered in the Software.

There you have it 294 valuable pieces of Information, you can pick all 294 of them to show at any one time, if you wish.

Or just the ones you really want to focus on.




OK, Here is what you get if you join us TODAY.

  • IMPORTANT:Locked in price at £20.00 discount, you pay £39.97 per month for access to:
  • The four systems we have in the software:
  • 294 stats per football game, all games are on Betfair.
  • You can cancel anytime, (but why would you want to?)


What are they saying?

You Can See Lay The Draw Software Click Here


If you want more information on the Football Pay Day software, then please feel free to download it.

Just Pop your email address and name for instant access.

Yes, please







We are including 3 strategies.

These three strategies are in a pdf, you download on the download page after purchase.

1. BMW Strategy.

We will back “Both teams to score (No)” market. This means that as far as one of the team or both doesn’t have any goal till full time and then, we have a winning bet.
Here we try to find out a team which is somewhat stronger as compared to other and doesn’t let other team to have a goal against it very easily.
We focus here mainly on three statistics –

  1. Home & Away average Goal (Conceded/Scored)
  2. Winning strike rate of Home & Away (Long Term)
  3. Head to head goals data against each other (in first half, second half & full time) & How they perform in first half and second half



2. Audi Strategy.

AUDI Strategy - Half time – Lay (0-0) and Full Time Lay The Draw  - So we are doing three things with these selections.
a) doing  half time (0-0)Lay
b) Lay the Draw in match odds market
c ) Using our Lay the Draw trading strategy.
Rules for Half time- Lay (0-0) and Full Time _Lay The Draw are:-

  1. Aggregate_2.5% must be 125% of greater. This indicates that match has a higher probability to end at 3 goals or more.

       2. Combined goal scored in 0-45 minutes (half time) is 150% or greater to indicate that match has a very high chance of at-least 1 goal or more in the first half. (This is sum of percentages of goal scored by home team and away team in the first half: - {HomeGoals( 0 to 45 minute) + AwayGoals( 0 to 45 minute)}
Now Lay 0-0 at half time ( max odd 4.0) on Betfair anytime before the start of the match.


3. Mercedes Strategy.

We are looking for two teams that are both equally strong so we have a very good chance of draw between them and it’s hard to decide who will win.
There are two ways to find teams that are both equally good and strong:-

  1. By Just looking at current market odds &
  2. With the help of statistics




If you are not excited by Football Pay Day, shame on you :-) ,

then look at these two great services.





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One licence per PC.


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This software is for personal use only, and can not be used for a tipping or selection service, if you can not agree to that please don't buy it.

This software is uniqued keyed and can not shared, it is locked to the computer it is downloaded on to. So please only download it onto the computer you are going to use it on.


If you don't accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now?


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